video revolution 2019

are you IN or OUT?

No marketer can overlook facts!

Statistics show that 2/3 of people watch videos on a daily basis and by 2019 it is presumed that 85% of all internet traffic will be made up of watching videos. 


Take 75 seconds and watch the video below, because we know that this is the best way to give you the information and save it for quite some time.

See for yourself!


Video, if done right, can be an amazing tool to communicate with your audience - tell your brands story, present the essence of your product or service, so that it evoques emotion and invites to engage. Think of it as a virtual sales assistant, leading to the right places, because people are more that willing to let videos do that.


 Concept is your partner when it comes to making videos and putting them to work for you.​ We have over 10 years of experience in video production and marketing and we are more than happy to put it in use for you!

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